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Balmoral Beach

NameBalmoral Beach
SummaryBalmoral Beach
LocalityNot set
CountryNot set

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Weather Report

Wind20.37 km/h, ENE
Rainfall0 cm (since 9 AM)

Marine Reports

TimeMonday, 01-Apr-13 23:00:00 AEDT
Wind16.1 knots, WNW
Wave Period15.21 s peak
Significant Waves5.78 m, WNW

TimeTuesday, 02-Apr-13 11:00:00 AEDT
Wind21.67 knots, SSW
Wave Period13.76 s peak
Significant Waves4.14 m, W

TimeTuesday, 02-Apr-13 23:00:00 AEDT
Wind19.32 knots, WSW
Wave Period12.66 s peak
Significant Waves3.65 m, W

Surf Report

Mackenzies Bay

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6 minutes ago
by Mobile User
Wave rating Surf: 5 stars
Swell: 6 ft.
Swell direction: N
Wind direction: Offshore
Wind strength: Still

Bondi Beach

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2 hours ago
by Mobile User
Wave rating Surf: 4 stars
Swell: 7 ft.
Swell direction: WSW
Wind direction: Onshore
Wind strength: Still

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